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Kevin Kelly's Family Show combines the best features of the
Adult Magic Show and the Kids Magic Show.

Kevin pulls a live rabbit out of a hat and levitates an
audience volunteer in mid air.

The kids laugh when they participate and help Kevin with
his wacky magic tricks.

There's music, audience participation, sophisticated magic for
the adults, and silly slap-stick comedy magic
for the kids.

A good time will be had by all, and the show will be remembered
and talked about for a long time.

The show can be performed in schools, banquet halls, party rooms,
backyards, and at retirement communities,
corporate events, and company picnics! 

The show is about an hour long and is self-contained. 
Kevin brings backdrops (for indoor shows when appropriate), a tent
for outdoor shows, a sound system (with microphones
when needed), and all equipment.

555 W. CORNELIA AVE #1109